Using FPP in Recirculating dripper system in Coco?

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Using FPP in Recirculating dripper system in Coco?

Post by Magicmunchietree » Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:41 am

Hi all

Ive read a few posts on here now that the FPP is good for all growing systems but I just wanted to check that it would also be good for using in a recirculating dripper system (nutrient tray underneath, pumps through dripper lines and runs off back to the tray). Im guessing yes but wanted to double check, as I don't know many who use this system but it is appropriate for the space I use. And would there be anything I need to look out for as the nutrients can sit in the tray for 3-4 days maybe before it has all been used up. With Canna coco A&B I usually just check the run off for spikes which tell me how the plants are getting on, would this be any different?

Ive been a fan of the community for a while, being in the UK makes it difficult to get FPP, but a friend has a link to Fertilomes old variant of this which Cody used before he switched over to FPP. Seeing the results however make me just want to take the plunge, pay the customs fee and hope it lasts a while so it makes it worth the investment. I fill my tank up with 40 litres of water a time and 8 plants in coco using fabric pots, being fed 2x per day on timer takes a few days to empty.
Any feedback would be appreciated.

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