Blackberry Kush

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Re: Blackberry Kush

Post by Crate562 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:50 pm

That sucks but I know what your going threw I have a Rottweiler that loves eating plants more then her own food

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Bkewl Buds
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Post by Bkewl Buds » Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:36 pm

Ahh poor lil girl! I'll go ahead and most this log to completed grows that way it might help people to remember to watch out for there animals! Hat to see them go so soon, but i feel ya on my lost of my Mistery seed!
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Post by Typeoman » Fri Nov 24, 2017 4:51 am

DAMN that sucks man I just cut my second run of blackberry kush I think I'm gonna keep this strain going Sorry for your loss. I have had a few pits and they sure do like weed

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